Sacramento Protests Sending Wrong Message

So I cant believe that I am actually writing this. Quite frankly this is ridiculous and needs to stop. If you don’t know what I am talking about, its the protesters blocking the Sacramento Kings arena. I want to make it clear I don’t condone wrong behavior but to protest in this manner is rude, disrespectful, and uncalled for.

To give you a little background of the situation, basically a cop for Sacramento PD shot an unarmed black man. The police were in pursuit of the man and chased him into a backyard. After they reached the backyard the cops thought a gun was pointed at them and fired 20 rounds at the Man killing him. Now I want to make it clear I AM NOT taking a side in this manner. However, I feel like the protesters disrespected fans, the teams, and the NBA. The question I would present to the protesters is, What did these people do to you? The cops shot this guy not the NBA.

This is totally rude and uncalled for. Blocking fans from entering a game has nothing do with the person who committed this horrible act on either side. I call to action the American society to make a change, end the violence and protests, and focusing on the true matters we must deal with. This shouldn’t have to happen.


Keys To The Best Game of Your Life

Have any of you ever had an experience at a sporting event that was sub par? Or maybe it was great. I recently took a trip to to Cleveland and loved it, hence the inspiration for this article. I give Quicken Loans Arena props for such a great venue. it was easy, fun, and i made lots of memories. So,make i’m going to take a look at what makes a sports venue one to remember.


Parking. This starts long before you get into the arena. No one wants to drive all over the city, especially if you are not from there, to find a parking spot. Secondly, most people don’t want to have to walk miles and miles to the stadium. I don’t know if they allow deodorant in stadium, it might raise red flags. Finally, people want to find parking that is close to the venue, as well as the restaurant and other activities in the season.

2. Lodging

whether its an Airbnb or a Holiday Inn no one wants to stay in a dump of hotel. At the same time people like myself struggle to pay a lot of money for a place that you will just sleep and catch a quick shower. Same as parking, people like when their hotel is close to restaurants, even if its just a pizza joint that they can get a pie delivered to their room. people want all this wrapped up in a affordable price.


I know, as an avid sports fan, I like to find a nice affordable place to get so,e grub before I head to the game. One of the biggest components I look for when I want to find a restaurants is if I can try some food that is a staple to city that I am in. Next people want a place that can get you in rather quickly, because no one wants to be waiting in a restaurant and miss warm ups. Again, fans want this restaurant to be affordable as they will probably eat again once they get to the game.

4. Easy Entry Into the Venue

Nobody wants to be stuck in line waiting to get in to the game they have waited all day to go to. Nothing is worse than being stuck in a big cluster of thousands of people half of which already a few drinks deep. If dealing with this wasn’t enough once you reach the metal detectors you have a security guard acting like a jerk to you for no reason. nobody wants to deal with this.

5. Great Game Experience

When you pay for tickets you want to see everything from a win to great concessions. First, you want to see your favorite player play, and have a great game. Secondly, no one wants to see their team lose so, a win would be nice to see. Lastly you want good food to add a good sidekick to a great game.

6. Easy Exit

This one is pretty self explanatory no one wants to be stuck in the parking garage or traffic after the game. most people leave the game pretty tired and ready to hit the sack for the night. Just don’t be the guy that leaves early.

As you can see a lot of keys to a great game experience take place outside the venue. Next trip you take follow the guidelines and you wont be disappointed. where do you all go watch games? what are your favorite parts?

Another Championship For Cleveland?

So i just got back today from a trip to Cleveland. Last night i saw the Cavs beat the Bucks at Quicken Loans Arena. It is a great venue might I add. I saw Lebron put 40 points up in a triple double, and Kevin Love put up 18 in his comeback. Last night the Cavs showed pure dominance. They finally looked like that team that won 18 games in a row. Remember that? If the Cavs can stay consistent, can they win a championship this year?

Any basketball fan will tell you the league is tightening up on both the east and west side of the NBA. Right now the Cavs sit in the 3 seed in the east, in a season that has had its ups and downs. But last night the Cavs returned to old form as they dominated the Bucks in their first home game in two weeks. I believe if the Cavs can turn in more performances like last night they will be going places. They Played 48 mins of basketball, closed the game out, and actually looked halfway decent on defense. Looking at the Cavs roster things can only improve. not only will they get guys back from injuries, they will continue you to gel with each other. The Cavs will have a tough road as they see Boston and Toronto in front of them, but performances like last night will turn into wins against good teams. Last night was one of the est games I have seen the Cavs play this year, and it should give Cleveland fans some hope. The team that played last night can beat anyone in the league Including the Celtics, Raptors, Warriors,and Rockets. The Cavs need to keep their foot on the pedal and keep pushing and they will be crown at the end of this year, and possibly keep Lebron.

The Cavs are capable of going back to the dominant Cavs and it should put the rest of the league on notice. I think the Cavs will be a very overlooked team going into the playoffs and that is a mistake. So, no more excuses from anybody the Cavs need to play that same game they played last night and they will take home the trophy. I guess only time will tell.

p.s. new posts coming daily!

The NCAA is Holding Something Hostage

How many people have tuned into a college sporting event? How many people tune into college sports on a regular basis? Do you ever wonder how many people are watching the same game you are? Between us, the fans, and them, the players, we have grown college sports in to a billion dollar industry. Now imagine being that player that is suiting up every day for practice, and for every game. Just think of the amount of money your name, as a player, brings in for that school. These institutions sell tickets, jerseys, other apparel, food and drink, and don’t forget television rights. The question I must ask you is: If you ran a successful business and told your works they could stay in the bare minimum living requirements, and you would teach them how to do their job, but the catch is they would never see a paycheck. Would you expects questions? I certainly hope so.

Unfortunately, this is the situation taking place in college sports right now. they tell athletes they will give them a free education, a place to stay, and some food. in exchange players have to work for them all day whether it be homework or team activities athletes devote their time to the school in some capacity. They built the billion dollar industry and have no say in ho they are treated. they cant have jobs and join other clubs because they don’t have the time for that. the athlete and the money they deserve are held hostage just in hopes to make it to the bigs.

There would be no NCAA without student athletes, and its time they are treated that way. They deserve a chunk of that billion dollars. it doesn’t need to be excessive but anything is a start. The fans watch because of them, and the brand grows because them now treat them that way before you lose them all together.


Lebron’s Next Decision

By now we have heard all the reports surrounding Lebron’s upcoming free agency decision this summer. I find it rather amazing how every reporter and insider has so called “sources” that say Lebron is going to the Lakers, 76ers, Rockets, or staying with the Cavaliers. Despite all these headlines about where Lebron is going, not one person has stopped to question whether these sources are credible or whether all these so called reports are nothing more than speculation.

With that being said i would like to offer my input based on the moves Lebron has made, the events that took place this season, the direction the Cavaliers are headed. It seemed like just yesterday Lebron took to ESPN to announce that he would be “taking his talents to South Beach” and ripped the hearts out of Cleveland fans. Lebron was viewed as public enemy number one in Cleveland. Despite being hated by Cleveland, a place close to his heart, he went to Miami where he learned what a first class organization was all about, as well as a team focused solely on winning there next championship. Lebron won 2 championships in 4 years with heat.

Lebron then made his next decision. The decision that could “cement his legacy” in basketball history. Lebron came home to Cleveland with one goal in mind: win a Championship. He knew it would take time to build chemistry with his new Cavaliers counterparts. In his first season back the Cavaliers made it to the NBA finals, but it ended in heartbreak as they lost the series to the Warriors. Lebron would bounce back the following season as he very often does. Everyone knows its hard to beat Lebron twice in a row. That was proved when Lebron lead the cavaliers to a championship in 2016, fulfilling the promise he made to Cleveland.

So here we stand 4 years since “The Return” Cleveland has lost 2 out of the last 3 championships. They have had their fair share of struggles this season, but many people fail to remember that dominant 18 game win streak they went on. They have had a roster revamp that rejuvenated the team, and you can never count Lebron out. The Cavs could very easily win another title if the this teams gels the rest of the season. There is a lot left to see this season.

Just as i said there is a lot left to see this season, there is a lot left to see that will result in Lebron’s decision. There are no sources that know which direction Lebron is headed. So a message to all the sports networks with their “credible” reports. Take it down a notch. The only person that truly knows where lebron is going or staying this off season is Lebron. There a lot of factors in this decision such as family, his children, his charities , and his business ventures. Instead of speculating where Lebron will go sit back, relax, and watch the never ending highlights of Lebron in his remarkable 15th season. Lebron is a true once in a generation player, as well as a gift to basketball, the sports world, and the community. It is about time we start treating him that way.

2018 NFL Mock Draft

  1. Cleveland Browns: Saquon Barkley RB

The Browns choose a player here that has shown his potential. One of the most sure talents, and will transfer fantastically into the NFL.  Most people have a QB with this pick but I don’t think they risk losing the best overall player in this draft.

2. New York Giants: Sam Darnold  QB

I’m not sold on Darnold and hate that he didn’t throw at the combine. with that being said, most people have him as the best QB in this draft. Eli is on his last leg and the Giants may not be n this position in the draft for awhile. They take advantage of their placement and take Darnold.

3. Indianapolis Colts: Bradley Chubb EDGE

I think the colts are hoping that Barkley is still on the board at this point, but that’s not going to happen. The Colts will shift their attention to their defense and take one of the best talents in Chubb.

4. Cleveland Browns: Minkah Fitzpatrick DB

The Browns hope that Darnold is still on the board. when the giants take them they don’t gamble on a quarterback again. Instead of drafting a QB they choose to sign Teddy Bridgewater. They continue building their defense with Fitzpatrick.

5. Denver Broncos: Quenton Nelson OL

The Broncos win the Kirk Cousins sweepstakes. they take QB off their draft needs. The Broncos opt to protect their new QB and take nelson to add some stability on the O-Line

6. New York Jets: Josh Rosen QB

The Jets are happy to see Rosen still on the board. They lose the Kirk Cousins sweepstakes, but get the best natural passer in the draft in Rosen.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Derwin James DB

Tampa was hoping to see Chubb still on the board, however they move on to their next need at CB and take James to play Corner instead of playing safety.

8. Chicago Bears: Mike McGlinchey OL

The Bears Ponder taking Calvin Ridley here but opt to invest into some protection for Trubisky first. The bears will look to the second round to get their WR, and still get their man in the first round.

9. San Francisco 49ers: Isaiah Wynn OL

Similar to the Trubisky situation The 49ers look to protect Jimmy Garoppolo, their QB of the future, and get their man in Wynn to put in front of Jimmy.

10. Oakland Raiders: Roquan Smith LB

The Raiders need some serious DB help, but Smith is to good of a prospect to pass on. They still fill a position of need at LB, and hope to get back on track in 2018.

11. Miami Dolphins: Baker Mayfield QB

The Dolphins decide its time to move on from Tannehill. They Gamble on Mayfield and hope to find a solid replacement for Ryan Tannehill.

12. Cincinnati Bengals: Orlando Brown OL

The Bengals are kind of handcuffed in this situation. They are desperate need for O- Line help they overlook Brown’s dreadful Combine and take a gamble on him.

13. Washington Redskins: Vita Vea DL

The Redskins still have improvements to make on the D-Line. They look to one of the most special talents in the draft and take Vea to add stability on the interior.

14. Green Bay Packers: Denzel Ward DB

Green Bay opts to address its need in the secondary. They get a steal with Denzel Ward and pretty much run to the podium.

15. Arizona Cardinals: Lamar Jackson QB

The Cardinals are in desperate need for a QB with the departure of Palmer. They take Jackson and hope they get Mike Vick 2.0.

16. Baltimore Ravens: Calvin Ridley WR

The Ravens lack a true number 1 receiver. They address their need with the “best” WR in the draft. They hope with steady QB play he can be great.

17. Los Angeles Chargers: Tremaine Edmunds LB

The Chargers continue you to build a scary defense behind their nasty front. They get pretty good value out of this pick and hope it takes their defense to the next level.

18. Seattle Seahawks: Josh Jackson DB

The Seahawks look to Rebuild the Legion of Boom. They add Jackson, a young, talented corner to add some new energy to a team in desperate need of some changes.

19. Dallas Cowboys: Christian Kirk WR

Instead of releasing Dez the Cowboys give him his long overdue partner in crime. Not only will this help Dez out, but it will add energy to the whole offense, and another threat on offense. The Cowboys get a key piece for a title run with this pick.

20. Detroit Lions: Marcus Davenport DE

The new head coach begins right away on building a defense. They get a guy with a high ceiling and a promising future in Davenport. they get great value with this pick.

21. Buffalo Bills: Josh Allen QB

The Bills decide its time to part ways with Tyrod Taylor. They take a gamble on the biggest arm in the draft in Josh Allen and hope for the best.

22. Buffalo Bills: Will Hernandez OL

The Bills decide to invest in protection for their new QB. Hernandez boosted his stock at the senior bowl, and it will pay off on draft night.

23. Los Angeles Rams: Rashaan Evans LB

The Rams look to keep building after the Marcus Peters trade. They hope Evans can help elevate their defense to the next level.

24. Carolina Panthers: Courtland Sutton WR

It’s no secret the Panthers need a WR. With Sutton still on the board at 24 the war room is extremely happy. They get their guy with this pick.

25. Tennessee Titans: Arden Key DE

The Titans have shown they have some solid play on offense. They decide it is time to start building a defense. They get a great talent in Arden Key.

26. Atlanta Falcons: Taven Bryan DL

The Falcons are going to have a rough free agency. They will begin rebuilding their D-Line with Taven Bryan.

27. New Orleans Saints: Dallas Goedert TE

The Saints finally get their Jimmy Graham with this pick. Their offense will improve even more.

28. Pittsburgh Steelers: Leighton Vander Esch LB

The Steelers get the much needed LB help that they need. Look for their defense to improve next year.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars: Hayden Hurst TE

The Jags are going to look for ways to improve their offense to go with the best defense in the league. They get a good fit with Hayden Hurst.

30. Minnesota Vikings: Connor Williams OL

The Vikings look for ways to give Case Keenum protection up front. Yes Keenum, because they lose the Kirk Cousins sweepstakes.

31. New England Patriots: Mike Hughes CB

I expect the Patriots to part ways with Malcom Butler. they find a quick replacement in Mike Hughes.

32. Philadelphia Eagles: Harold Landry LB

The eagles get a steal and improve their defense to close out the first round.

A Catch or No Catch

It seems like forever ago now that an NFL fan could sit at home a determine for themselves what a catch is. Over the past few years we’ve seen play that look like no catches, called catches, plays that look like catches called no catches, and everything in between. To name a few: the Dez no catch, Jessie James’ no catch vs. New England, and the Kelvin Benjamin no catch this past season. It couldn’t be more clear that change needs to happen.

How often are you sitting at home on Sunday and you see the catch rule interpreted 5 different ways depending on which games you watch. This makes the game not only less fun to watch, but also more frustrating to watch. The NFL needs to seek out consistency not only for its players, but for its loyal fans as well. It’s time for the nfl to do the right thing and make the long overdue changes.

By now you are probably asking well what changes need to be made. I believe the changes that need to be made are real simple. The NFL needs to remove “ making a football move” because no buddy knows exactly what’s classified as a “football move”.  The rule should stay state that a receiver must posses the ball with two feet on the ground for it to be a catch. The NFL has a simple fix to a complicated problem. It is now time for them to fix this problem for the whole football community.

I am making a call for league offices to get together and make the necessary change to make football not only easier to watch, but more fun to watch as well. With a few simple changes the NFL could be sitting in good standing with its players, coaches, and the entire football fan base. So I’m making a call directly to you NFL! Make the necessary changes, and make this sport easy, more fun, and less complicated. Your two minute drill starts right now Roger Goodell.


Is the All Star Game Fixed?

Hi folks! I hope everyone is having a great day. I’m sure many people over looked how good of an NBA all star game last night’s game would be. For those of you who missed it, you really missed out on a great display of basketball. The finest talent was on display, showing the finest display of basketball.

For this of you who didn’t watch it the game ended up 148-145 in a team Lebron win. The score alone is definitely an improvement over the 192-182 game last year. More importantly however the game of basketball was played the right way. You could see the effort being put out by both teams and it made it incredibly exciting to watch. Who would’ve thought the all star game would have been decided by a defensive stop. Yes I said it a defensive stop.
Kevin Durant and Lebron trapped curry in the corner to clinch the win. Now that’s an all star game.

So looking forward at what this means for the sport of basketball, this could really make an impact. It brought both playing in the all star game and hosting an all star game meaning. If the NBA builds off this year they could change this game into an extreme advantage for the league. It could really draw in a lot of fans. It kinda mixed a street ball feel with a regular game feel. I think one change that would really draw fans in would be picking teams at half court right before the game. That would add an element of surprise, and give fans another reason to watch.

This was definitely a great all star game for the first time in years. I think this is only a start though. They could turn this into a huge event for the sport of basketball, and grow the game even more. What do you guys think? What changes, if any need to be made? What was good? What was bad? Thank you all for reading. I hope you all have a nice day! Spread the word about this blog so we can grow a community, and debate the hottest sports topics! I’ll be posting again tomoro.

The Start of Great Things

Hello Everybody! Thank you for tuning in to my blog. I just wanted to give everyone a quick rundown about the direction of this blog, the types of things I plan on sharing, as well as what I expect from my readers.

My end goal is to turn this blog into something huge. I don’t want just a few readers I want a ton of readers. I want to turn this blog into a sports community where everyone has a voice and everyone can share their opinion. I even think it would be cool if all of us can debate topics with each other. I plan on sharing the current events in the sports world in any sport, so fans of any sports are welcome on the blog. So I guess I kind of answered what I expect of my readers. I want debates. I want you, the readers, to feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and opinions. On top of that I want engagement I want you folks to ask me questions, tell me what you want to see more of, and give me feedback on the content. I plan to post frequently, so hop on and enjoy the ride.

I want to make one thing clear this isn’t just my blog this our blog. This is a safe environment where we can all come together and share our opinions and ideas, and debate the hottest sports topics. I have a lot to come including the hottest sports topics and maybe even a mock draft coming soon. so visit again soon!