Is the All Star Game Fixed?

Hi folks! I hope everyone is having a great day. I’m sure many people over looked how good of an NBA all star game last night’s game would be. For those of you who missed it, you really missed out on a great display of basketball. The finest talent was on display, showing the finest display of basketball.

For this of you who didn’t watch it the game ended up 148-145 in a team Lebron win. The score alone is definitely an improvement over the 192-182 game last year. More importantly however the game of basketball was played the right way. You could see the effort being put out by both teams and it made it incredibly exciting to watch. Who would’ve thought the all star game would have been decided by a defensive stop. Yes I said it a defensive stop.
Kevin Durant and Lebron trapped curry in the corner to clinch the win. Now that’s an all star game.

So looking forward at what this means for the sport of basketball, this could really make an impact. It brought both playing in the all star game and hosting an all star game meaning. If the NBA builds off this year they could change this game into an extreme advantage for the league. It could really draw in a lot of fans. It kinda mixed a street ball feel with a regular game feel. I think one change that would really draw fans in would be picking teams at half court right before the game. That would add an element of surprise, and give fans another reason to watch.

This was definitely a great all star game for the first time in years. I think this is only a start though. They could turn this into a huge event for the sport of basketball, and grow the game even more. What do you guys think? What changes, if any need to be made? What was good? What was bad? Thank you all for reading. I hope you all have a nice day! Spread the word about this blog so we can grow a community, and debate the hottest sports topics! I’ll be posting again tomoro.

The Start of Great Things

Hello Everybody! Thank you for tuning in to my blog. I just wanted to give everyone a quick rundown about the direction of this blog, the types of things I plan on sharing, as well as what I expect from my readers.

My end goal is to turn this blog into something huge. I don’t want just a few readers I want a ton of readers. I want to turn this blog into a sports community where everyone has a voice and everyone can share their opinion. I even think it would be cool if all of us can debate topics with each other. I plan on sharing the current events in the sports world in any sport, so fans of any sports are welcome on the blog. So I guess I kind of answered what I expect of my readers. I want debates. I want you, the readers, to feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and opinions. On top of that I want engagement I want you folks to ask me questions, tell me what you want to see more of, and give me feedback on the content. I plan to post frequently, so hop on and enjoy the ride.

I want to make one thing clear this isn’t just my blog this our blog. This is a safe environment where we can all come together and share our opinions and ideas, and debate the hottest sports topics. I have a lot to come including the hottest sports topics and maybe even a mock draft coming soon. so visit again soon!