A Catch or No Catch

It seems like forever ago now that an NFL fan could sit at home a determine for themselves what a catch is. Over the past few years we’ve seen play that look like no catches, called catches, plays that look like catches called no catches, and everything in between. To name a few: the Dez no catch, Jessie James’ no catch vs. New England, and the Kelvin Benjamin no catch this past season. It couldn’t be more clear that change needs to happen.

How often are you sitting at home on Sunday and you see the catch rule interpreted 5 different ways depending on which games you watch. This makes the game not only less fun to watch, but also more frustrating to watch. The NFL needs to seek out consistency not only for its players, but for its loyal fans as well. It’s time for the nfl to do the right thing and make the long overdue changes.

By now you are probably asking well what changes need to be made. I believe the changes that need to be made are real simple. The NFL needs to remove “ making a football move” because no buddy knows exactly what’s classified as a “football move”.  The rule should stay state that a receiver must posses the ball with two feet on the ground for it to be a catch. The NFL has a simple fix to a complicated problem. It is now time for them to fix this problem for the whole football community.

I am making a call for league offices to get together and make the necessary change to make football not only easier to watch, but more fun to watch as well. With a few simple changes the NFL could be sitting in good standing with its players, coaches, and the entire football fan base. So I’m making a call directly to you NFL! Make the necessary changes, and make this sport easy, more fun, and less complicated. Your two minute drill starts right now Roger Goodell.


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