Lebron’s Next Decision

By now we have heard all the reports surrounding Lebron’s upcoming free agency decision this summer. I find it rather amazing how every reporter and insider has so called “sources” that say Lebron is going to the Lakers, 76ers, Rockets, or staying with the Cavaliers. Despite all these headlines about where Lebron is going, not one person has stopped to question whether these sources are credible or whether all these so called reports are nothing more than speculation.

With that being said i would like to offer my input based on the moves Lebron has made, the events that took place this season, the direction the Cavaliers are headed. It seemed like just yesterday Lebron took to ESPN to announce that he would be “taking his talents to South Beach” and ripped the hearts out of Cleveland fans. Lebron was viewed as public enemy number one in Cleveland. Despite being hated by Cleveland, a place close to his heart, he went to Miami where he learned what a first class organization was all about, as well as a team focused solely on winning there next championship. Lebron won 2 championships in 4 years with heat.

Lebron then made his next decision. The decision that could “cement his legacy” in basketball history. Lebron came home to Cleveland with one goal in mind: win a Championship. He knew it would take time to build chemistry with his new Cavaliers counterparts. In his first season back the Cavaliers made it to the NBA finals, but it ended in heartbreak as they lost the series to the Warriors. Lebron would bounce back the following season as he very often does. Everyone knows its hard to beat Lebron twice in a row. That was proved when Lebron lead the cavaliers to a championship in 2016, fulfilling the promise he made to Cleveland.

So here we stand 4 years since “The Return” Cleveland has lost 2 out of the last 3 championships. They have had their fair share of struggles this season, but many people fail to remember that dominant 18 game win streak they went on. They have had a roster revamp that rejuvenated the team, and you can never count Lebron out. The Cavs could very easily win another title if the this teams gels the rest of the season. There is a lot left to see this season.

Just as i said there is a lot left to see this season, there is a lot left to see that will result in Lebron’s decision. There are no sources that know which direction Lebron is headed. So a message to all the sports networks with their “credible” reports. Take it down a notch. The only person that truly knows where lebron is going or staying this off season is Lebron. There a lot of factors in this decision such as family, his children, his charities , and his business ventures. Instead of speculating where Lebron will go sit back, relax, and watch the never ending highlights of Lebron in his remarkable 15th season. Lebron is a true once in a generation player, as well as a gift to basketball, the sports world, and the community. It is about time we start treating him that way.

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