The NCAA is Holding Something Hostage

How many people have tuned into a college sporting event? How many people tune into college sports on a regular basis? Do you ever wonder how many people are watching the same game you are? Between us, the fans, and them, the players, we have grown college sports in to a billion dollar industry. Now imagine being that player that is suiting up every day for practice, and for every game. Just think of the amount of money your name, as a player, brings in for that school. These institutions sell tickets, jerseys, other apparel, food and drink, and don’t forget television rights. The question I must ask you is: If you ran a successful business and told your works they could stay in the bare minimum living requirements, and you would teach them how to do their job, but the catch is they would never see a paycheck. Would you expects questions? I certainly hope so.

Unfortunately, this is the situation taking place in college sports right now. they tell athletes they will give them a free education, a place to stay, and some food. in exchange players have to work for them all day whether it be homework or team activities athletes devote their time to the school in some capacity. They built the billion dollar industry and have no say in ho they are treated. they cant have jobs and join other clubs because they don’t have the time for that. the athlete and the money they deserve are held hostage just in hopes to make it to the bigs.

There would be no NCAA without student athletes, and its time they are treated that way. They deserve a chunk of that billion dollars. it doesn’t need to be excessive but anything is a start. The fans watch because of them, and the brand grows because them now treat them that way before you lose them all together.


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