Another Championship For Cleveland?

So i just got back today from a trip to Cleveland. Last night i saw the Cavs beat the Bucks at Quicken Loans Arena. It is a great venue might I add. I saw Lebron put 40 points up in a triple double, and Kevin Love put up 18 in his comeback. Last night the Cavs showed pure dominance. They finally looked like that team that won 18 games in a row. Remember that? If the Cavs can stay consistent, can they win a championship this year?

Any basketball fan will tell you the league is tightening up on both the east and west side of the NBA. Right now the Cavs sit in the 3 seed in the east, in a season that has had its ups and downs. But last night the Cavs returned to old form as they dominated the Bucks in their first home game in two weeks. I believe if the Cavs can turn in more performances like last night they will be going places. They Played 48 mins of basketball, closed the game out, and actually looked halfway decent on defense. Looking at the Cavs roster things can only improve. not only will they get guys back from injuries, they will continue you to gel with each other. The Cavs will have a tough road as they see Boston and Toronto in front of them, but performances like last night will turn into wins against good teams. Last night was one of the est games I have seen the Cavs play this year, and it should give Cleveland fans some hope. The team that played last night can beat anyone in the league Including the Celtics, Raptors, Warriors,and Rockets. The Cavs need to keep their foot on the pedal and keep pushing and they will be crown at the end of this year, and possibly keep Lebron.

The Cavs are capable of going back to the dominant Cavs and it should put the rest of the league on notice. I think the Cavs will be a very overlooked team going into the playoffs and that is a mistake. So, no more excuses from anybody the Cavs need to play that same game they played last night and they will take home the trophy. I guess only time will tell.

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