Keys To The Best Game of Your Life

Have any of you ever had an experience at a sporting event that was sub par? Or maybe it was great. I recently took a trip to to Cleveland and loved it, hence the inspiration for this article. I give Quicken Loans Arena props for such a great venue. it was easy, fun, and i made lots of memories. So,make i’m going to take a look at what makes a sports venue one to remember.


Parking. This starts long before you get into the arena. No one wants to drive all over the city, especially if you are not from there, to find a parking spot. Secondly, most people don’t want to have to walk miles and miles to the stadium. I don’t know if they allow deodorant in stadium, it might raise red flags. Finally, people want to find parking that is close to the venue, as well as the restaurant and other activities in the season.

2. Lodging

whether its an Airbnb or a Holiday Inn no one wants to stay in a dump of hotel. At the same time people like myself struggle to pay a lot of money for a place that you will just sleep and catch a quick shower. Same as parking, people like when their hotel is close to restaurants, even if its just a pizza joint that they can get a pie delivered to their room. people want all this wrapped up in a affordable price.


I know, as an avid sports fan, I like to find a nice affordable place to get so,e grub before I head to the game. One of the biggest components I look for when I want to find a restaurants is if I can try some food that is a staple to city that I am in. Next people want a place that can get you in rather quickly, because no one wants to be waiting in a restaurant and miss warm ups. Again, fans want this restaurant to be affordable as they will probably eat again once they get to the game.

4. Easy Entry Into the Venue

Nobody wants to be stuck in line waiting to get in to the game they have waited all day to go to. Nothing is worse than being stuck in a big cluster of thousands of people half of which already a few drinks deep. If dealing with this wasn’t enough once you reach the metal detectors you have a security guard acting like a jerk to you for no reason. nobody wants to deal with this.

5. Great Game Experience

When you pay for tickets you want to see everything from a win to great concessions. First, you want to see your favorite player play, and have a great game. Secondly, no one wants to see their team lose so, a win would be nice to see. Lastly you want good food to add a good sidekick to a great game.

6. Easy Exit

This one is pretty self explanatory no one wants to be stuck in the parking garage or traffic after the game. most people leave the game pretty tired and ready to hit the sack for the night. Just don’t be the guy that leaves early.

As you can see a lot of keys to a great game experience take place outside the venue. Next trip you take follow the guidelines and you wont be disappointed. where do you all go watch games? what are your favorite parts?

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