Sacramento Protests Sending Wrong Message

So I cant believe that I am actually writing this. Quite frankly this is ridiculous and needs to stop. If you don’t know what I am talking about, its the protesters blocking the Sacramento Kings arena. I want to make it clear I don’t condone wrong behavior but to protest in this manner is rude, disrespectful, and uncalled for.

To give you a little background of the situation, basically a cop for Sacramento PD shot an unarmed black man. The police were in pursuit of the man and chased him into a backyard. After they reached the backyard the cops thought a gun was pointed at them and fired 20 rounds at the Man killing him. Now I want to make it clear I AM NOT taking a side in this manner. However, I feel like the protesters disrespected fans, the teams, and the NBA. The question I would present to the protesters is, What did these people do to you? The cops shot this guy not the NBA.

This is totally rude and uncalled for. Blocking fans from entering a game has nothing do with the person who committed this horrible act on either side. I call to action the American society to make a change, end the violence and protests, and focusing on the true matters we must deal with. This shouldn’t have to happen.

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