Why Do Athletes Get Throw Their Dreams Away

Let me put you in a situation for just a second. You’ve worked all your life to get to the big show. You get drafted by a team, get your rookie contract, and begin living out your childhood dream. As time passes you let this go to your head. You start hanging out with the wrong people, developing bad habits, and getting wrapped up in the wrong situations. All this finally catches up with you, and you are arrested for something that could’ve been avoided. Do you all wanna hear the worst part about this scenario? It happens all to often in the pros today.

It seems like every week we hear reports and see headlines of a new athlete getting arrested. The thing that doesn’t make sense to me is, these athletes are getting the opportunity of a lifetime. They are getting paid millions of dollars to literally follow their dreams. Somehow they can just throw that all away over something stupid like drugs, fights, or beating their wife. What in their head clicks and says this is a right idea? The question I ask is what can the team do to prevent this. I think the best thing that can be done is give every rookie a mentor or have a life coach for your team. Teach these players good life skills so all this can be avoided. There is too much talent out there to be wasted.

Myself as a fan is sick of seeing these athletes be arrested. It’s ruining games and the sports industry. Not to mention it’s hurting the image that a lot of athletes have worked hard for. It’s tome for something to be done to avoid this. Make sports fun to watch again. And make athletes someone to look up to again.

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