Bob McNair should be banned by the NFL

Wow! If referring to your players wasn’t bad enough, you take it even further. Not only were your racist roots revealed to the league and America, now your womanizing ways have come front and center for everyone to see. I’m talking to you Bob McNair! You oughta be downright ashamed of yourself. You are a disgusting excuse of an owner, a man, and a human being. It’s time players, fans, and Americans take a stand against you.

Any player in this league that would’ve said the things you have said would’ve and should’ve been fined big money if not suspended. I think it’s about damn time the league starts enforcing punishment on people like you Mr. McNair. After all you clearly put yourself on a pedestal in comparison to players. This was put in the spotlight with your comments about your players being “inmates”. Do you remember that Mr. McNair? Do you remember the public scrutiny you faced from that incident? Clearly it had no impact on you, and every apology issued was just a bunch of bullshit. Your cold harsh words have sat with myself and many other Americans in a bone chilling fashion, and quite frankly even the smallest little thought about you and the way you conduct yourself makes me sick to my stomach. Making jokes out of sexual harassment against women in the workplace isn’t cool you sick human being. That’s all I have to say to you Mr. McNair, that’s all you deserve to hear Mr. McNair.

Now it’s your turn NFL. How could you let this keep happening. You want to fine players for the things they say, do, and hell even wear. You call it conduct detrimental to the league. I guess you have some explaining to Roger Goodell. Why are shoes that don’t match a uniform punishable by fine and some players even threatened with suspension, but words like Mr. McNair’s aren’t punishable? If you ask me that man should face a ban of a couple of games. A ban where he isn’t allowed at the team facilities, games, or to be in conduct with any players or staff. You, NFL, want to hold your players to the highest of standards and that’s ok, as long as the owners are subject to the Sam standards, of not higher standards than the players. After all aren’t they higher on the totem pole? Shouldn’t they lead by example? NFL, you have some explaining to do.

Every fan, woman, or man out there that cares about the well being of the NFL and this country should take exception to the cold hearted comments. How dare he make a mockery of sexual harassment against women in the workplace. If that doesn’t offend you, then you are just as low as he is, because you clearly share similar beliefs. It’s time to end incidents like this from ever happening again. It’s time we as Americans take a stand.

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