The Untold Secret of the Sports Industry

How would you like to go to work where your every move is controlled under a microscope. A company that controls what you say, how you dress, and the way you act. I don’t know what all of you think but that sounds like a dictatorship to me. Unfortunately, these are the industries sports fans like ourselves are making rich. Players, personnel, and even owners are in an abusive relationship with their respective leagues. See, leagues like the NFL, MLB, NBA, and so on like to portray that they are the good guys, But all of us sports fans have been mislead.

Now that I have your attention, lets dive deeper into this topic. First and foremost lets talk about the NFL and their dress code. Who remembers being in high school and they had a code of conduct? in the code of conduct, they had their dress code that was like 3 pages long. now just imagine if they would have enforced every single rule included in those three pages. That would have sucked right? Now just imagine every time you violated one of these rules you were forced to take that piece of clothing off, replace it for something the schools approved of, and if that wasn’t enough you had to pay them a percentage of your paycheck from you part-time job. This is the system of the NFL works. You might say “these athletes are making millions of dollars” and you’re right. I ask you however, would you want someone to control your personality and the way you expressed yourself in exchange for money. If you thought this was my only point about the abusive relationships in sports. this is only the beginning.

Let me take you to a more recent topic. So over the past couple days a vendor for the Yankees has been advertising beer with the faces of players formed in the beer foam. Whats the harm of this? It is actually kinda cool. Apparently the league didn’t think so. The MLB issued a formal warning to the Yankees organization stating they can’t use the likeness of players to promote alcohol sales. Let me explain why this is wrong. The players should be the ones deciding if the team can use their face to promote alcohol sales, but the league knows what is best right? Next, the last time I checked the organizations were the ones that paid the player for their services, not the MLB. So who is the MLB to say they cant do this? The MLB is taking the role of the abuser in this relationship it clear.

Lets head over to the NBA this time. So as many of you know, Magic Johnson is at the helm of the Lakers organization. I personally think he is doing a great job. According to the NBA there are a few things he needs to work on. The one they really want to hit on is his so called tampering. It wasn’t that long ago he was fined for tampering with comments about Giannis Antetokounmpo. Mr, Johnson basically praised Giannis for his basketball abilities and talents, nothing wrong with that in my eyes. He then went on to say Giannis would be an MVP, a champion, and would bring championships to the MILWAUKEE BUCKS organization. if you can explain to me where there is tampering in that statement you are a saint. This again is another incident where the league is being the abuser of the relationship with personnel from their league.

These leagues want to give the illusion that they are fair. They want to make people think that players, personnel and owners have a say in what goes on and how things are ran. After taking a look at the evidence i just provided all of you with, I ask you, do they really have a say? I have given you three solid pieces of evidence to look at. each one depicting how they control what people say, how they act, and how they dress. I find them guilty of being abusive, how about you?

Thanks so much for taking the time read this. Tell me what you think using the leave a reply button on the top of this article. if you have any ideas or topics you want to hear about let me know with a reply as well. anyways, signing off until next time.


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