Making Baseball Popular Again


It is no secret by now that baseball is back. That right, I repeat BASEBALL IS BACK! for some people they find themselves with a void that needs to be filled with football coming to an end in February. for those same people they may wait all the way until September just to get some sports action back but they are missing out. They are missing a game that is a work of art from cutting the grass to throwing a curve ball. That sport is baseball. America’s pastime? It doesn’t have to be the past time. Baseball is going through a transition, and its making the game more exciting than its ever been.

Whats different about baseball now than in the past you ask? Boy does baseball’s youth have a treat for you. Now more than ever we are seeing teams that are built, not bought. baseball now features names like Aaron Judge, Jose Altuve, Bryce Harper, and Mike Trout. The interesting thing about all of those players I just mentioned is they were all brought up through the system by the team that drafted them, and they have stayed with their respective teams. For years fans watched teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, and Phillies “buy” their teams. For some of those teams things don’t change, but for others they are now developing their own players. To be quite honest I think it has added more competition to the game, and that should be intriguing.

We are a coming of a year where we saw a game 7 in the world series, unexpected teams make a playoff run, and lots of home runs. Chicks dig the long ball, and so do I. I am here to tell you that it is not to late for you to dig the long ball too. See, the cool thing about baseball is that it is one big melting pot of cultures. In any given game you can see Asian players, Hispanic players, and American players, and that’s just a start. The diversity doesn’t have to end with players either. There is room for every type of personality in the fan base of the MLB. So, If you are not already a baseball fan, sit down and watch a game, pick a team to root for, and immerse yourself in the game.

This article is for every person who has said baseball is stupid. I am here to tell you give baseball a chance, and approach it with an open mind. Once you start breaking the game down you too will see the amazing work of art that baseball is. There is room in baseball for every person who reads this. It’s just one channel away. Make the pastime the present. Baseball is waiting for you!

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