5 Teams With The Best World Series Chances


A World Series repeat? A surprise team? The young guns? After watching the first couple games of the season I’m going to give you an outlook on the teams with the best chances as of right now to get the trophy. This year is already shaping up to be an exciting one, and we still have 160 more games to go. Without further ado let’s get right into it.

1. Houston Astros

as we all know by now the Astros are the reigning champs. Take the team they had last year, subtract Beltran, add Gerrit Cole and that’s your Astros team. This team is young, talented, and going to be scary for the next few years. I think this team has more than deserved the number one spot until they are dethroned.

2. New York Yankees

If I have learned anything from the first two games of the season this is one deep lineup. When the big bats aren’t working, they have an explosive bottom of the lineup. Also, let’s not forget this team was 1 game away from knocking of the Astros last year, without Stanton. This will be a tough, exciting team if they can perform like expected.

3. Cleveland Indians

This is a debatable spot for the Indians but I like them at this spot. This team is sneaky good. This team represents the city of Cleveland perfectly. They don’t have a lot of big flashy players but they have players that are consistent and get the job done. This is another team that is fairly young, but has gotten a lot of experience in the playoffs the past two seasons. If this team plays to their full potential, then the rest of the league better look out.

4. Los Angeles Dodgers

This team deserves mention after being one win away from being the World Series champs. I don’t agree with what they did in the off-season, unloading bats like Adrian Gonzalez. This team still has the bats and pitching to go a long way. I think the biggest question mark for the Dodgers is consistency. Guys like Bellinger and and Kershaw need to remain the all-stars they were in the past. This team will be interesting.

5. Los Angeles Angels

l know what you’re thinking. Really the Angels? I know, but yes you read that correctly. Signing Ohtani could be big for this team if he performs like he did in Japan. That is a big if however. I like what this team did in the second half of last year, and if they can carry it into this season the could be a shocking team.

There you have it folks. This is my top five. Do you agree? Disagree? If so what changes would you make? Don’t forget to follow me below this article and check Twitter for updates. Signing off until next time.

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