Favorites To Land Westbrook With Thunder Breakup Looming


The possibility of Russell Westbrook being traded, following the Thunder’s early exit from the playoff , has been in the back of everyone’s minds. The Thunder have played decent, but still haven’t played up to the caliber they once did since Westbrook took the helm after Durant’s exit. Even with the addition of Paul George and Carmelo Anthony (if he is even worth mentioning) the Thunder were not able to get the job done. The time has come for the Thunder to rip the team apart, and build anew. This means saying good bye to Westbrook, Melo, and even Paul George. It is time for a new look and a new style for the Thunder, and its time to start rebuilding sooner than later. So, if rebuilding your team means getting rid of Westbrook, where will he go? Let’s get right into the top 3 landing spots in a possible Westbrook blockbuster.

1. Los Angeles Lakers

Remember two years ago when Westbrook was going to be sent here after Durant left? It isn’t to late to make this move a reality. Thunder could receive Lonzo Ball, amongst other assets in a trade. The Lakers would get a franchise player, and a big name to build their team around, Something this franchise has been lacking. Westbrook could go here and be the superstar in a much larger market than he once was. If that is not intriguing enough, The Lakers have money to spend on another superstar besides just Westbrook. Lets take this once step further and look at the young core this team has already built, adding Westbrook to the mix could make this team dominant for years to come.

2. Cleveland Cavaliers

Imagine a duo of Russell Westbrook and Lebron James, assuming he stays. That would be deadly. Extending the possibility of this duo becoming a reality, It has been rumored in the past that Lebron has an interest in playing with Westbrook. This would feel the gap Kyrie Irving left after demanding a trade from the Cavaliers. Westbrook would have an immediate chance at a much coveted championship. Both sides would benefit, and something special would be created.

3. New York Knicks

The Knicks are in need of another Superstar to pair up with Porzingis, and could do Just that with the addition of Westbrook. Westbrook could finally make his way to a bug market city, and play at the “Mecca of Basketball” at the Madison Square Garden. Beyond the basketball court imagine all the possibilities for sponsors and business ventures Westbrook would have at the tips of his fingers in New York City. I think this could be a great match, and a good asset to give to new coach David Fizdale to ease the growing pains of taking over a new team. Just imagine a Westbrook jersey hanging from the rafter at MSG. I also here New York has a pretty good fashion scene.

The mystery of if Russell Westbrook will be traded has yet to be solved. At this point in time I believe a breakup between the two is imminent. It is time for the Thunder to build a new team, with a new style, And it is time for Westbrook to find a change of scenery. This summer is shaping up to be real interesting for the NBA.


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