Crafting The Ultimate NBA Super Team

The projected salary cap for the 2018-2019 season is 101 million dollars. That is the amount teams will have to spend to field a team of players. The common theme for NBA teams is to build super teams fielding as many top tier players as they can afford. This Trend is not a new thing. We look back just in the past 10 years or so, and we see the 08′ Celtics, 10′ Heat, 15′ Warriors. As old super teams fall, new ones rise. So, using 101 million dollars I am going to craft the ultimate super team.

Player #1- Lebron James, Small Forward

It is no secret how great Lebron James is. He has lead his teams to the finals 7 years running now, has won 3 championships, and has been named MVP 4 times. Lebron James is a great leader and motivator, He will give you his all night in and night out, and he doesn’t get in any trouble. Another reason Lebron is a great cornerstone piece is his durability. For the first time in his career, in his 15th season, Lebron played all 82 games in the regular season. Lebron James is the best player in the world and I would be a fool not to include him on my super team.

Cap Hit: 33 million       Cap Remaining: 68 million

Player #2- Russell Westbrook, Point Guard

Russell Westbrook in my mind is the best point guard in the NBA. He scores, passes, rebounds, and is a decent defender. With all of Westbrook’s talents taken into account, I believe he is best with the ball in his hands. What better guy to feed him the ball than the best playmaker in the NBA, Lebron James. With already steady scoring coming from Lebron, adding Westbrook to the mix is already putting the offense over the top just 2 players in.

Cap Hit: 28.5 million       Cap Remaining: 39.5 million

Player #3- Demarcus Cousins, Center

The perfect fit to an already explosive team is a young explosive center to put in the middle. Cousins is the real deal. He can rebound, he can defend, and he score. He fits perfectly into my teams as he is good on both sides of the ball. Cousins comes in at 18 million (2017-2018 salary), which is quite affordable given his talent.

Cap Hit: 18 million       Cap Remaining: 21.5 million

Player #4- JR Smith, Shooting guard

First and foremost JR Smith has played some of the best basketball of his career beside Lebron James. Smith’s biggest skill is his knack for knocking down the three ball. When JR gets hot from behind the line he has the talent to make a huge difference in the game. JR ups his game for the playoffs and can be a driving force behind a championship run.

Cap Hit: 13.7 million       Cap Remaining: 7.8 million

Player #5- Jabari Parker

Jabari Parker’s career has been hindered by injuries which is unfortunate, because when he is healthy he is an incredible talent. With his supporting cast on this team he would have an opportunity to make plays and play basketball. If he could manage to stay healthy he could be major contributor on this team.

Cap Hit: 6.7 million       Cap Remaining: 1.1 million

With these core 5 players this team would be an all-star caliber team. We could fill the rest of the roster up with league minimum veterans. With the right system and the right chemistry this team would be unstoppable. I’ll take this team over your team any day of the week


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