5 Things To Know About The NBA Eastern Conference Finals

1. This isn’t Lebron’s first rodeo

Let me put it this way, Lebron James has won every Eastern Conference Finals series in the last 7 years. The NBA has not seen a finals without James in it in 7 years. That’s crazy. Given Lebron’s playoff experience I think it easily gives the Cavs the upper hand in this series. Lebron will have his guys ready to go, with the right mindset from game 1 of this series.

2. The Cavaliers have more experience

While the Cavs did strip their roster down midseason to retool it, They still have a more experience line up of guys. Just think, Lebron James, JR Smith, Tristan Thompson, Kevin Love, and Kyle Korver all have significant experience in not only the Eastern Conference Finals but also the NBA Finals. To make my point clear, the guys on the court for the Cavs have a much better understanding what it takes to get to the Finals, and win the finals.

3. The Celtics are missing their two best players

The Performance of the Celtics basketball team up to this point has been nothing but impressive given they have lost their two best players to injury. As it has been well noted Gordon Hayward snapped his Ankle the first game of the season against the Cavs. This team is also with out its premier point guard in Kyrie Irving as he underwent season ending knee surgery. With that being said, the young stars on the Boston Celtics have done an amazing job filling the shoes of the fallen stars, which is why they have made it this far. If the Celtics want to win the Eastern Conference Finals their young guns will have to continue to be spectacular.

4. The Celtics have home court advantage

The Celtics Finished the season at 55-27, Five games ahead of the Cavs in the Eastern Conference. This was good enough to earn the Celtics the #2 seed, While the Cavs landed at the #4 seed. This can be quite significant in the playoffs, because if the cavs want to win they are going to need to steal a game from the Celtics on their home floor in Boston. Boston is an amazing sports city, and they are a very passionate fan base. If the Cavs want to win this series they will need to tough it out in Boston to take at least 1 game on Boston’s home floor.

5. The Cavaliers have more to play for

With Lebron’s free agency decision looming this summer there is more pressure than ever on the Cavs to win a championship. A championship for Cleveland would go a long way in convincing their best player, Lebron James, to remain a cavalier beyond this season. An exit in the Eastern Conference Finals would not only put an end to Lebron’s streak of 7 straight Finals appearances, but also could put an end to James’ career as a Cleveland Cavalier. If the boys in wine and gold want to see Lebron in a Cavaliers jersey next year, Then it is crucial for them to win the Eastern Conference Finals at the very Least.

Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals is on Sunday. The Celtics are fighting to keep their Cinderella playoff run alive. The Cavs on the other hand are fighting to keep the best player in the world in a Cavaliers uniform. The Eastern Conference Finals is going to be a series you don’t want to miss, so stay tuned.

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