Who Is The Next Sports Icon?

In today’s day and age the word GOAT is used far too loosely. If you trust the people of today’s generation to examine who the true greatest of all time is, you might have seen almost every athlete called the greatest at some point. It changes on a night to night basis. Taking this into account, we are going to examine the factors of being a GOAT, Athletes who have the potential to be the GOAT, and who leads the list amongst all athletes.

When you think about what it takes to be a GOAT, what do you think about? Stats, Championships, Who they play for. While these are all great things, they are only a piece of the puzzle. There are three factors in deciding a GOAT.

1- Stats

Obviously the most telling part of a GOAT are the stats. If you don’t have the numbers to back the title up, you will never be in the conversation in the first place. When someone talk about a great athlete they don’t talk about their hobbies outside of sports, who their parents are, or where they were born. They talk about stats. Stats include PPG, HRs, Hits, Touchdowns, Rushing Yards, Championships, ECT.

2- Sustainability

Its one thing to post amazing stats for a season or two, but its a whole different ballgame when you post great stats throughout an entire career. It’s this reason that players like Jose Bautista, Matt Cassel, and Anze Kopitar will not be in the GOAT conversation.

3- Longevity of Career

Two words for you. Bo Jackson. Bo Jackson was becoming an icon before his career ending injury. He was on cereal boxes and Nike commercials, and it was all stripped away from him. Bo had the potential to put his name in the history books in the NFL and the NBA. If it wasn’t for his career ending injury God only knows where he would be sitting today.

With all of these factors taken in account I have four names for you to take a look at. Aaron Judge, Jimmy Garoppolo, Donovan Mitchell, Connor McDavid. Each of these for athletes have their ups and downs, so I will give you the case for each.

Aaron Judge- Man oh man did this guy take the league by storm in just his rookie year. In his rookie campaign he posted a .284 batting avg/ 52 HRs/ 114 RBIs. This was one of the best rookie seasons we have seen in the MLB, if not the best. The downfall to all of this is, interest in the sport of baseball is dying. the new generation finds it boring and hard to watch. However, Judge plays for the Yankees which helps and his star power can attract an audience. Judge is definitely in contention.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Jimmy Garoppolo quickly  became one of the hottest topics in football when he was traded from the Patriots to the 49ers. He blew up even more when he finally saw game action as a 49er. Garoppolo eventually won the starting job, which netted him a massive contract in the offseason. Garoppolo looked to have made a huge difference in the 49ers offense, and a key piece moving forward for the 49ers. The only question mark with Garopollo is we haven’t even seen him play a full season, so a lot has yet to be seen. He has showed the future could be promising.

Donovan Mitchell- In a phenomenal NBA rookie class Donovan Mitchell has been a standout. Mitchell’s name first started to be heard when he lead the Utah Jazz on an 11 game win streak. If that wasn’t enough he won the slam dunk contest during all-star weekend as a rookie. Mitchell would later go on to lead the Jazz through the first round of the playoffs, and post numbers almost identical to Allen Iverson in his first season. The downfall for Mitchell is he has a lot of competition in the NBA with players like Ben Simmons and Jayson Tatum, but Mitchell has shined the brightest in my opinion.

Connor McDavid- It is not very often the we see a Rookie in the NHL break into the league, and make the impact Connor McDavid has. McDavid’s first season was good enough to receive rookie of the year honors. He has the skill and puts up the stats to hang with the best in the league. He continues to be a key piece for the Oilers success. However, McDavid suffers from the same thing Aaron Judge suffers from. The popularity of the NHL just doesn’t match the popularity of other sports, but a player like McDavid might be able to change that.

Given the case for each athlete I want to hear from you. Who do you think has the best chance to become the next sports Icon? leave a comment down below who your pick is.

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