5 Moves The Cavs Can Make To Keep Lebron

#1- Trade for Kawhi Leonard

Cavs receive: Kawhi Leonard

Spurs receive: Tristan Thompson, #8 overall pick in the draft

It is no secret that Kawhi Leonard is at odds with the Spurs organization. While this is unfortunate for the Spurs, this could be a huge gift for the Cavaliers. If Kawhi was sent to Cleveland, the Cavs would finally get consistency out of Lebron’s “sidekicks” that have struggled all postseason long. Meanwhile, the Spurs would receive a player in Thompson who could then be traded again if he couldn’t fit the current roster, or he could be kept. In addition to Thompson the Spurs would get the #8 overall pick that could be used to draft Kawhi’s replacement. If this trade went through the Cavs would likely draft a player that would later be traded to the Spurs, as the Cavaliers can’t trade their second first round pick due to the deal made with the Lakers at the deadline.

#2- Trade for Damian Lillard

Cavs receive: Damian Lillard

Trailblazers receive: George Hill, Cedi Osman, #8 overall pick

Damian Lillard has been facing scrutiny after getting bumped from the playoffs in the first round for the second year in a row. Now if we remember correctly didn’t Lebron say “give me Damian Lillard and I will show you how good he is.” If Portland decided to part ways with Lillard what better destination than Cleveland, who has seen some pretty poor Backcourt play this Postseason. Portland would get veteran presence at point guard, and still have the ability to draft a superstar for their organization. to make the deal sweeter, Portland would also get a role player in Osman who has showed he can make a difference with his hustle plays.

#3- Trade for Demar DeRozan

Cavs receive: Demar DeRozan

Raptors receive: Tristan Thompson, JR Smith, #8 overall pick

While it would be hard to get rid of a personality like JR’s, but when you’re talking about a player of DeRozan’s caliber this is a trade you would have to make. This trade would be a Durant type of move, except it’s not DeRozan’s choice. DeRozan would finally get an opportunity to make a run at a championship alongside Lebron. In return the Raptors would get a sharp shooting guard in JR, Tristan Thompson, a solid big man with a lot left in the tank, and the ability to pick a superstar of the future.

#4- Sign and trade for Demarcus Cousins

Cavs receive: Demarcus Cousins

Pelicans receive: Tristan Thompson, Jordan Clarkson, #8 overall pick

WOW! what a blockbuster this would be. Just imagine if Lebron had an asset like Demarcus Cousins. that would be dangerous. Not to mention the addition of cousins would also add a needed boost of defense to the Cavs roster. The Cavaliers ranked amongst the bottom of the league in defense this season, not acceptable for a team looking for a championship. In return the Pelicans would receive a good, young big man to replace cousins, a solid young point guard in Clarkson to give them some consistency at the position, as well as the opportunity to replace the a pick they gave up to land Cousins. This would make the Cavs very dangerous.

#5- Do nothing at all

Cavs receive: nobody

If the Cavs front office decided to go this road it would definitely put retaining Lebron in jeopardy. However, as I have said before I believe the biggest factor in Lebron’s decision this summer is his family. With that being said I think it is important to LeBron to raise his family in the Cleveland/Akron area. This leads me to believe destination #1 for Lebron this summer is with the Cleveland Cavaliers. taking all of this into account, there is a chance the Cavs could retain the King without making any extra moves.

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