5 Reasons The Cavs Will Win The Finals

What a game one! It was definitely fun to watch. As a Cavaliers fan however, this game made me sick to my stomach. When you have a team like the Warriors on the ropes, you have to put them away. With that being said, there is a lot of not only positive things, but also valuable learning lessons to take away. This series will not be a sweep like everyone thinks it will be. This Cavs team is different. They are younger, faster, more lethal, and not to mention everyone is doubting them. This is where they want to be. We are heading for a repeat of 2016, and I have reasons to back it up.

#1- Lebron is a Cavalier

Why don’t we go ahead and get the most obvious one out of the way first. If there is a guy I want on my team to chase a championship it is Lebron James. The man, just put 51 points up against the so called best team in the NBA. When you look at the best players in NBA history there is one thing they all have in common, CONSISTENCY. I’m not saying Lebron will score 50 points every game, but I will say with full confidence that Lebron will not score less than 30 points in a single game. He is the best player in the world for a reason, and he is the driving force behind the Cavs season.

#2- They have more to prove

When you hear all the noise surrounding the NBA finals not one person believes the Cavs have a chance to win the finals against the Warriors. So, if the Warriors lose it just gets chalked up as an upset, and their penciled in as the favorites for next season. Ponder this however, what if the Cavaliers win? A win like this would shock the whole entire sports world. If you think for one second that the Cavaliers aren’t playing to shock everyone, you are sadly mistaken. Nobody believes in this Cavs team and that’s their motivation, that’s what will propel them to winning this championship. Look out Warriors. Your are poking a sleeping a bear.

#3- The “sidekicks” are hungry

Let me throw a few names out here for you. George Hill, Larry Nance Jr., Jordan Clarkson, and Kyle Korver. Why are these names important? They all have one thing in common, they are hungry. You have two guys in George Hill and Kyle Korver who are on the last legs of their careers. They want this, They need this, or they face calling it a career empty handed. Then you have Larry Nance Jr. and Jordan Clarkson who have played on a mediocre Lakers team for the majority of their careers so far. Both of these groups of guys are in the same boat. They want to win, and they are all in to do so.

#4- This team has a chip on their shoulder

Since Lebron has returned to Cleveland their have been some pretty good teams. Sometimes however, it isn’t about how good you are. Sometimes it is your edge, your will to win, and your selfless play on the court. we watched Tristan Thompson get ejected from tonight’s game. spoiler alert: I loved him standing up for his team at the end of the game. In those final moments it wasn’t about Tristan Thompson. It was about the Warriors taking a shot in the final seconds that should’ve never been taken. Those are the type of guys you want on your team. Someone who doesn’t make any exceptions, someone who puts his team before himself.

#5 The Cavaliers have already faced adversity this season

Lebron James has described the Cavs season as a “rollercoaster ride” and I couldn’t agree more. They have been through winning streaks, losing streaks, injuries, arguments, trades, and new environments. Yet the Cavs have still made it to their fourth consecutive Finals.  Any team that can face the situations that the Cavs have this year and still make it to the finals is worthy of a championship to me. Teams like this don’t crack under pressure, and teams like this certainly do not crumble when the going gets tough. This has been a long season for the Cavaliers. In just a short time the season will be wrapped up. Only one team can be crowned, and the Cavaliers are hungry.

It is sad that a lot of people are sleeping on this team. people love to hate Lebron just because he is good, and he is capable of destroying every team in his way. Let me tell you one this though, this Cavs team has been through a lot this season. They have player who are energized and hungry for a ring. If you ask me, the stars are aligning for the Cavs to win another championship for the city of Cleveland. For now, we must wait, but time will tell.

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